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Bourgeois Door Co. has partnered with Airlift Doors, Inc. to offer businesses of the St. Louis metro area with low maintenance, corrosion resistant, high speed air lift overhead doors. Airlift Doors, Inc. takes pride in the quality of their products and guarantee their doors are built to withstand the stress of a car wash facility.

Alaska Doors

Alaska Doors - Airlift Doors, Inc.The design and functionality of the Alaska Doors separates itself from other standard commercial overhead doors. These doors are constructed out of light weight aluminum and polycarbonate, allowing it to withstand 200 times the impact of a glass door while only 1/8 the weight. These doors are perfect for car washes, lube centers, car dealerships or warehouses. 

Alaska Doors are designed with functionality in mind. 

Nickel Boron Plating

  • Nickel Boron Plating Cable Drums

    Standard & Highlift Cable Drums
  • Strap-eze Winding Hubs
  • Shaft Couplers

Stainless Steel Hinges and BracketsStainless Steel

  • Hinges & Brackets
  • Standard & Highlift Track
  • 1" Solid Stainless Steel Shaft

Plastic Components

  • Durahinge Plastic Hinges
  • Plastic Track by Airlift Doors
  • Low Clearance Plastic Track

XRS Series

XRS Series Roll-Up DoorThe XRS Series is Airlift Door's line of low maintenance, high speed, all-weather vinyl roll up doors. Designed specifically for the car wash environment, it features low maintenance, corrosion resistant components and high speed operation.

The XRS Series features:

  • Breakaway Design with Automatic Reset
  • Complete Weather Seal Including: Heavy Duty Top Rubber Seal & Dual Side Brush Seals
  • Speads Adjustable up to 34" per Second
  • Complete Corrosion Resistant Components
  • A Simple, Low Maintenance Design
  • Individually Replaceable Components

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